We want a new generation of children – 1 GAME

1 GAME logo (big)1 GAME says its campaign programme in Nigeria’s North-East region is aimed at building a new a generation of children who will stand against terror as a result of the education they have acquired.

The campaign has in the last two years supported school children with learning materials in Borno and Gombe States situated in North-East Nigeria, a region that is so vulnerable to terrorist attacks and whose attackers campaign against western education.

1 GAME Campaign Project Supervisor, Jetem Bryan Obaji while addressing Muslim youths in the southern city of Calabar during the New Year Day celebration on Friday said hundreds of children in the North-East were brainwashed into joining the Boko Haram sect fighting in the region due to their lack of education.

“These children couldn’t speak for themselves,” he said. “If they had an education, they would have understood what they were going into.”

Violence in North-East Nigeria has forced over a million children to abandon school. Before the insurgency began, some four million children in the region were out of school. Obaji said the war may not have been bloody had most of the actors acquired an education.

“Imagine if all the children in North-East had their book and pens, and were in school,” he said. “If this was the case, no jihadist would have found a child willing to carry a gun.”